Money Saver Bargain Hunters on Facebook

Those who love a good bargain from both online and in-store will find the Money Saver Bargain Hunters community on Facebook a useful resource. Well over 140,000 members share and get informed on the best deals from around the UK.

Part of the Money Saver Online Facebook page and website, the bargain hunting group posts daily deals and new trending products from the most popular UK retailers. This includes the likes of Tesco, ASDA, Matalan, The Works, ALDI, Primark, Peacocks, and many more!

BECOME A MEMBER AND SAVE – You can become a member of their closed group on Facebook at:

Once approved, you can start seeing some really good deals and some of the hottest products in stores right now! It’s also good to give back to the community, so remember when you spot a bargain or something new and cool, remember to share it with the community.

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